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Understanding the Function Report

Function Report

One of the forms the SSA will have you complete during the disability process is the Function Report. (a.k.a. Form SSA-3373) This form is very important to any disability claim. It is the primary way they will learn about what your daily life is like. This form is a fantastic opportunity to really explain all the ways your disability affects you.

Even though the Function Report provides this opportunity, some of the questions can be misleading or confusing. It is important to read every question very carefully before answering. For example, question #12 asks about caring for your personal needs and grooming. In our experience, we often see people check the “no problem” box. They seem to think that the question is asking them if they can dress themselves, bathe themselves, etc. The question is actually asking what effect the disability has on these actions, not if you can do them. So, if you can dress yourself, but you have severe back pain from bending, don’t just say that you can dress yourself. Make sure to explain what you go through when you try to dress yourself.

There are many other questions like question #12 in the Function Report. It is helpful to add relevant explanations. If you are able to drive, but have severe hand pain from carpal tunnel syndrome when driving, be sure to explain that. Don’t just say you can drive.

Also, this form is usually time sensitive, so be sure to complete the Function Report and return it to the SSA within the time period specified. If you need more time, you may be able to ask for an extension.

We know filling out forms for disability can be confusing and time consuming. At Melinda Brown Law, we help all of our clients complete these forms with one of our attorneys or staff. Contact our office to see how we might be able to help you!


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