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NOSSCR Conference 2024

NOSSCR Conference 2024

Clients often come to us because they feel alone and overwhelmed by the process of filing for Social Security Disability. As attorneys, we understand the system and help guide them through the process. Most of our clients tell us how much it helped them to have people advocating for them with the knowledge and experience to get them through the process. What they don’t know, is that there is an organization that is out there fighting every day to improve the system for everyone. They are NOSSCR, the National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives. 

Last week, NOSSCR had its annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee. I was honored to give a lecture at the conference as to how representatives can manage the stress of practice and build a successful career. Our clients don’t know this, but we are humans with great passion and empathy for others. We are called to do this type of work because we care. But caring so much for so many people having the hardest days of their lives can be a lot to carry. The conference gives us time to share with one another better techniques and receive updates on changes in the laws.

It was encouraging and enlightening to hear from my colleagues and from the new Social Security Commissioner, Martin O’Malley. In his first 100 days, he has already listened to suggestions from within the system, customers, and claimant representatives. Commissioner O’Malley has implemented dozens of changes to streamline the process and make it faster, more efficient, and more accessible. These changes are in part due to NOSSCR and their advocacy for all. I am proud to be a member of NOSSCR, and appreciate the good work they are doing to help us help our clients. 


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