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How Much Will I Get from SSI?

Right now, the maximum a single person can receive from SSI is $914 per month. Couples where both parties receive SSI can get a maximum of $1,371 per month in total.

These amounts can be reduced by other sources of income. Typically, half of every dollar you get from earned income (money you work for, like wages) will be subtracted from the maximum amount. This means you can still work a little bit while you receive SSI, but this will reduce your benefits. However, all of every dollar you get from unearned income (i.e. pensions, gifts, private disability policies) will be subtracted from the maximum amount. Some examples of what can reduce your SSI amount include:

  • Wages from your work

  • Spousal wages

  • Short Term/Long Term disability benefits

  • VA disability benefits

  • Pensions

  • Money from family or friends to help with groceries or rent

  • And more…

Thankfully, the SSA will not reduce your benefits by the amount you receive in food stamps.

Is SSI right for you? It’s always best to speak with someone who knows the ins and outs of SSI to better understand your options. Call or message our office today for a free consultation!

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