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Community Connection: Pathways to Redemption Benefit

Updated: Jan 8

Melinda Brown Law

Community Connections

Everyone at some point has made decisions they regret. Some people end up in the worst possible situations, facing addiction and seemingly endless legal struggles. I’m so thankful Rutherford County Recovery Court helps people earn their second (or sometimes 28th) chance at redemption. Last week, I had the honor to attend the Pathways to Redemption Fundraiser to help this wonderful organization. We heard from one of the successful participants who was able to turn his life around after 27 overdoses. Seriously! That is a level of addiction that so very few find their way out of, and it was inspiring to hear how he was able to overcome. It is a LOT of hard work for the participants, but with this amazing program they have the support they need physically, emotionally, and legally to put those dark days behind them. It was an incredible night with great friends and colleagues making a real difference in Rutherford County.

If you are looking for a good cause to donate or volunteer, please consider helping the Rutherford County Recovery Court Support Foundation. You really can make a massive difference, save someone’s life, and help our community fight back against the addiction crisis.


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