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Mr. West

     Melinda did a great job. She helped me get what I needed. She was honest, worked hard, and put care into every part of the case. 

Ms. Tucker

     Mrs. Brown treated my very kindly and with respect as she worked through my case. She was aggressive when needed and fought hard for a judgment in my favor after a long battle. Where before I felt confused, lost, and hopeless, I now feel at peace with the outcome Mrs. Brown was able to achieve. I was surprised by how easy it was to work with her. You hear horror stories about working with lawyers all the time, but this was never the case with Mrs. Brown. 

Ms. Andrews

     From start to finish I can't say enough about how satisfied I was with her service. I would recommend her to any and everyone that needs help. If I had to go through this again, she would be my only choice. I have so much respect for her for caring about me all the way to the finish line. She gets an A+ from me. No matter how many times I called her she was always pleasant to me. If I could not reach her, she would call back within the same day. I feel that she was very thorough and competent in my case. She kept me informed on everything and also showed that she cared about my situation. Before her representation, I felt alone and did not know what to do or who to contact. Now, I am so glad that it is over.

     She has made it so easy for me. Even when I got discouraged, Melinda Brown never gave up. She fought for me until it was finished. She never let the ball drop and consistently stayed on top of the whole entire process. She was determined and informative through the entire process. She was great. 

Mr. Anderson

     For someone, so seemingly young, she knows the proper means and methodology to achieve a positive result. Prior to meeting with Mrs. Brown, I was not very hopeful due to my own attempt and denial by social security. The experience and knowledge she brought to my case, resulted in a positive outcome.

     As a client I felt respected, accommodated, and guided the whole way. I am grateful for the patience, competence, and professional manner Mrs. Brown used to achieve our goal. She asks the questions that bring about a good result. Even I, as an older and critical individual, cannot think of any way she could improve on the work she did for me. 


     As a client, I was anxious, insecure, and fearful about my situation. I had tried every way that we knew possible to get Social Security on my own. Then, Melinda stepped in with professionalism and knowledge. I never felt like I was talking to an Attorney, rather I felt like I was talking to a friend helping me through a bad situation. Melinda was courteous, kind, understanding, and very attentive to me and my case which brought comfort and peace to my wife and self.​

     We would receive constant mail from Social Security that sometimes caused us to be anxious. We would contact Melinda and when she could not respond immediately, she would respond that same day. She was constantly guiding us in our whole process with all the answers and information we needed. She got us the most positive outcome that we could ever imagine.

Ms. Caldwell

     I had started with a "T.V." attorney (which was the wrong decision on my part). When I switched to Melinda, however, she did very well! I was surprised at how down to earth and easy to talk to she was. She really took the time to listen to my problems. Melinda seemed to know exactly how to do her job, and did it very well. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you, Melinda!


     When I was a client of Mrs. Brown, I felt I was treated with utmost respect. Before she began taking care of my case, I felt as if I didn’t have a chance with the disability judge, but she did a wonderful job with my case. She found things that really made a difference. Melinda stayed on top of all things that were meaningful to my case. She has a wonderful personality, presentation, and promptness.

     I consider her a friend forever. Melinda had such confidence in her work and knowledge of the law that made it wonderful when my case was won.

Mr. Dunn

     The very first appointment I had with Mrs. Brown, she put to rest a lot of the fear i had from listening to other people talk about all the things involved in trying to get disability benefits. Then the day I got my letter from the Social Security Administration I called Melinda, and I honestly believe she was happier than I was about my benefits being approved. She said, “I made her day.”Mrs. Brown did not try to pressure me into signing anything and she spent a lot of time explaining everything thoroughly to make sure I fully understood every aspect. She was always honest and sincere. She really wanted to help me.

     After I received my benefits, I felt like a heavy load had been lifted. It was a hard decision to make, quitting my job and filing for Social Security Disability not knowing when or if I would be approved. Mrs. Brown made my decision a lot easier to deal with from start to finish. She treated me with respect and understanding and never once did I ever feel like I was just another client. I would highly recommend Melinda Brown.


     I met with Melinda Brown when my application for Social Security Disability was denied. While we were completing the appropriate paperwork, she spent a lot of additional time just getting to know me. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, which has been very hard for me to accept. I've now realized what a misunderstood illness this is and how it's often simply disregarded as something people should just be able to 'get over' instead of the debilitating illness it can be.

     She completely understood how serious this disease can affect the simple, normal daily activities of a person's life and prevent them from managing the simplest tasks. Her understanding of this disease and her compassion of what I've been going through left me feeling not so alone in my struggle and finally understood. I left her office feeling like a load had been lifted. She accepted my case and is gathering all my information in order to insure my case gets approved. I have faith that if anyone can get my appeal approved, that Melinda will be the attorney to succeed. If you need help with Social Security Disability; she's who can help you.

Ms. Fabry

     Melinda was quite down-to-earth, and this made me relax more when working with her. Honestly, after arriving to her office I was very surprised by the casual atmosphere, but as we were performing the suit, she took complete charge! Before I sought representation I was stuck wondering how I would get everything done, but Mrs. Brown treated me like family and got the job done. I most enjoyed her true confidence with the case and her ability to provide all the right information easily.


     Ms. Brown did an excellent job in keeping me informed throughout my case, which helped greatly with my decision making. I most loved her communication and empathy. She did a good and thorough job.


     I had a problem tenant and hired Melinda Brown to take care of the matter. As soon as she was on board the tenant realized she meant business. She got him out of the residence, got a monetary judgment against him for monies he still owes and is proceeding further with wage garnishments to assure he pays. I dealt with this person for several months and received nothing but lip service from him pertaining to late payments. As soon as Melinda Brown became involved the tenants eyes "opened wide" and realized he was up against a fighter. I'm sure I will meet with a positive conclusion to this ordeal due to Melinda Brown's involvement and work ethic she produces for her clients.

     I would highly recommend her services to whoever needs an attorney in the Murfreesboro and Nashville TN area. Furthermore, if you ask her a question via email or phone calls she is quick to respond to you, not like some who will take a while to get back with you.

Ms. Hale

     I feel Mrs. Brown treated me with respect and gave me the sense that I mattered. Mrs. Brown was professional and stayed on top of the situation. She keeps you up to date as to the status of your case. When she knows, then you know. No matter how frustrated I got with the process, she was able to explain things to my understanding. She was always very pleasant to talk to.


     I was in a car wreck and I had hired another attorney who was not doing much at all on my case. They had taken months to do just a few things. Ms. Brown was able to take my case, finish it up and have it settled in just a short period of time. She was always giving updates and her view on the situation at hand without pressure. I would suggest this attorney to anyone in need of legal help


     Before I came to Mrs. Brown I was not very hopeful about my situation, but now I am thankful for her caring enough to want to help me and for bringing the matter to a successful conclusion. Mrs. Brown represented me pro bono and she kept her word. Her caring empathy, listening, and knowledge of what she was talking about impressed me in someone so young. I enjoyed her caring attitude and the speed and thoroughness with which she resolved my case. She did not have to do anything to help, but she did. She built up my hopes and she did not let me down. 


     Mrs. Brown was understanding, compassionate, and appeared to be very interested in actually helping me. I loved her persistence and her willingness to help and assist me. I had several cases with her, and each time we won or settled.

Ms. Benford

     Mrs. Brown is very professional and she strives, to the best of her knowledge, to make sure you are satisfied. I thought I would never find an attorney to help me until Legal Aid appointed Mrs. Brown to take my case. Now that my case is complete, I feel wonderful! I have been trying to get help for 2 years. Mrs. Brown is phenomenal and she not only cares about what she does, but I feel she really takes it to the heart and made sure I got the help I needed. I loved her guidance and her strive to make sure I was satisfied. She was very understanding and made sure I understood every detail. If I ever need an attorney or some assistance with some legal actions, I will definitely call her.

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